Business hours 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

501, Royal Avenue, beside Shivar Garden Restuarent, Pimple Saudager Pune-411017

Consult : 91+ 965-786-9370

Deekays Studio Mission Statement:

This Studio came in existence to give the customer a positive, relaxing, and private tattooing and piercing experience. Having seen customer experience in street shops, I decided to open a studio that is more quiet and comforting. Here, customers come to get tattooed, or for a free consultation, mostly by appointments, thus eliminating the confusion and chaos created by the walk-in only business of a traditional street shops. I have strived to create a welcoming environment for any customer to come in and relax. There is also plenty of space for customers to bring friends who can share in their experience.

At Deekays studio, the customer is catered to with the utmost importance. When I meet with a customer, he/she is my top priority, regardless of the size of the tattoo. Therefore, the studio is ideal for not only first timers, but for tattoo veterans as well. Deekays Studio is more than a tattoo & piercing shop; it is an experience to be remembered.

Deekays Hygiene and safety standard:

At Deekays studio, hygiene and customer safety standards are followed as per international hygiene and tattoo safety standards:
1. Studio is completely cleaned and disinfected every day, with specific attention being given to the sterilization room and
    tattoo area.
2. All sterilization equipment are cleaned down with alcohol and stripped and cleaned from top to bottom.
3. All tattoo and piercing equipment that is not disposable goes through the autoclave.
4. Work tables - After each tattoo, the artist's work tables are disinfected with an antibacterial product before a new tattoo.
5. Ink & Ink Caps - Every client gets their own cap(s) of ink and all used caps and unused ink are disposed of after the tattoo.
6. Gloves - latex gloves are used - Artist(s) washes their hands prior to putting on their gloves, preferably with an
    anti-bacterial / antiseptic hand wash. Once they put their gloves on, they don't touch anything other than your skin,
    the needles, and the tattoo equipment.
7. Razor - If the artist needs to shave your skin before applying the stencil, they uses disposable razors.
8. Spray bottles -The spray bottle the artist uses on your skin are disinfected between customers, or some kind of protective
    film such as Wrap is used.
9. Needles and tubes - kept in sealed and sterlie packs.
10. At Deekays personal hygiene is mandatory.
11. We provide a tattoo aftercare manual for tatooo or piercing so that you follow the guidelines ensuing proper healing.
12. Deekays encourages you to ask any query you might have realted to our health and safety policy.

Deekays customer focus :

Deekays brings fine art expertise of its primary artist Deekay Vj who had participated in painting exhibitions and uses his creativity exclusively to your custom tattooing needs. Deekay believes that a tattoo should represent the person uniquely and brainstorms with customer to come up with unique designs that truly converts an idea into reality. Deekay opened this studio just because of his passion for art and creativity. Prior to opening this studio, he worked in IT industry as software project manager and completed his MBA from Symbiosis international university. He uses this experience of customer centricity and service marketing in his studio so that every customer is given utmost priority and an experience to be remembered. At Deekays, you can feel being part of Deekays unique community, listening to music, reading books with a cup of Coffee and of course tattooing session you will always remember.