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Deekays Iron Hand Studio came in existence to give Ink lovers a positive, relaxing, and private tattooing and piercing experience. Deekays studio is the best tattoo making, body Piercing and training institute in Pune and rated among the top studios in India. We are known for our tattoo work with highest standards of hygiene and customer safety. Our experties in tattoo art and customer Safety process is evident via the feedback from our customers online. Please check out our reviews on google, facebook and justdial. Deekays Iron Hand studio brings fine art expertise of its primary artist Deekay Vj who had participated in painting exhibitions and uses his creativity exclusively to your custom tattooing needs. Deekay believes that a tattoo should represent the person uniquely and brainstorms with customer to come up with unique designs that truly converts an idea into reality. Deekay opened this studio out of his passion for art, creativity and customer service. Prior to opening this studio, he worked in IT industry for 10 years as software project manager and completed his MBA (Marketing) from Symbiosis international university. He uses this experience of customer centricity and service marketing in his studio so that every customer is given utmost priority and an experience to be remembered. At Deekays, you can feel being part of Deekays unique community, listening to music, reading books with a cup of Coffee and of course tattooing session you will always remember.

After successfully running the Studio for many years, Deekays now brings to you a tattoo training institute which is entirely focused on giving highly responsible and creative tattoo artists to the new age of tattoo industry. This institute is dedicated to giving right exposure of tattoo as a highly professional art, service and business. What makes this institute unique? you will not only learn tattoo art, but you will know why Deekays studio is rated as the best in Pune and stands among the top in India. Learn from Deekay himself how he took his studio to the top in very short time with his unique customer orientation and business strategies.

The Tattoo Business:

Is tattoo all about making stencil from flash prints and inking that on the skin? No, you got to be good at drawing/sketching and imagination/creativity. Can you start inking tattoo just by knowing about the machines and needles? No, a lot more goes into a good tattoo. Apart from the process iteself, you must know the hygiene and Safety aspect of making tattoos. Remember you are dealing with live skin, machines and needles that penetrate customer skin. Unless you know about blood born diseases, cross contamination, and entire saftey procedure, you have no right to even touch customer's skin. But unfortuately, self-learned tattoo artists do not give importance to thease aspects of tattoo art.

Tattoo is a business where you can earn a lot of money. YES, a lot of money. But that should not make you start the business without going through a professional tattoo course from a reputed tattoo training Institute where you learn about Drawing/sketching Skills, Complete tattoo process, Hygiene and Safety, blood born diseases and cross contamination, Tattoo history, Indian Tattoo Industry, tattoo styles, Types of tattoos e.g. fresh, coverup, scar coverup, cosmetic, etc.

And the most important, you should learn how to open and run your own tattoo business.

Deekays Training Course:

We offer you 10 weeks course that covers all aspects(from art, techniques to business) of tattooing, from all levels (basic to advance). Following is the brief highlights of our course.

  • Introduction to tattoo as Art.
  • History and contemporary tattoo art.
  • Introduction to tattoo as Social Responsibility.
  • Introduction to tattoo as Business.
  • Moral and Ethical aspects of tattooing.
  • Fundamentals of drawing/Sketching.
  • Tattoo Making Workflow process.
  • Tattoo Business Setup Process.
  • Tattoo Studio Interior aspects.
  • Photoshop basics for tattoo.
  • lights and shadows.
  • Hygiene and Customer Safety process.
  • Machine setup and types of machines.
  • Different Needle Groups.
  • Liner and Shader.
  • Observation of live tattoo.
  • Hands on Lining Practice on artificial skin.
  • Introduction to tattoo equipments.
  • Hands on Filling Practice on artificial skin.
  • Hands on Shading Practice on artificial skin.
  • Mechanism of different types of machines.
  • All about Tattoo After care.
  • Introduction to Customer engagement.
  • Introduction to Customer rentention.
  • Introduciton to Service Marketing.
  • Hands on Portrait and Realism tattoos.
  • Geometric, Mandalas and dotwork tattoos.
  • Oriental and other popular types of tattoos.
  • Cover up and Scar-coverup tattoos.
  • Review and discussion on Portrait tattoos.
  • Practice on advance tattooing.
  • Review on advance sessions.
  • Tatto Test and Certificate.